Sunday, April 1, 2012

you make april the month so bad sayang.. Im cry like baby was born in the world, Hell Nw I end the drama of our sweet couple. Jyeah! you make me trouble and Lemme knw now I get my mistake to, but actually I had the right decision bcause I leave the person just think of himself only. So awkward when I don't had the sombody to shari-ng story, hm but If I've the chance when you change attitude, Im just wann be your life and love. Ops~ Gonna must be past away , hm myself alwys ask why I don't get wht must I wnt, So-so so so errr.. K lastly for my sweetheart , ex-sweetheart actually .Note this! I've a long distance relationship but I've destroy it , hm Eh! your must knw my habits is thinking you, I waiting for your text a long time- BUT IN A DREAM, bye masa silam.. I'll miss you

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